Laura Ahlf
16:48 03 Aug 22
Linda Oldenburg
16:08 02 Aug 22
Michael Simbre
18:29 01 Aug 22
Linda has always been friendly and professional. It a pleasure to know her as almost a family member and our dental hygienist.
Loree Klinger
19:14 29 Jul 22
Deshun Williams
16:48 28 Jul 22
Travis Wilson
21:12 26 Jul 22
Destiny Miller
18:30 25 Jul 22
I'm very sensitive & have never liked going to the dentist. But this place makes me feel safe, comfortable, and considered! They hear you out & make sure you have the most comfortable experience. I hate needles in my mouth but I still had the best possible dental experience coming here!
Celia Quinonez
19:33 15 Jul 22
Amazing place to get your dental needs taken care of. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable would definitely recommend this place.
Hunter Lopez-Patton
18:01 14 Jul 22
These people make me not hate going to the dentist
John Laverty
20:00 13 Jul 22
Thomas Zacchini
18:23 06 Jul 22
Always feel like I am like family to the hygienist and dentists. They do excellent work, and provide the best health advice.
Preston Robinson
20:16 01 Jul 22
thul Kifl
02:10 17 Jun 22
My dental hygienist was very kind and helpful, some of my previous were to harsh.
Tammy H
21:09 03 Jun 22
21:55 18 May 22
First time patient. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Office seemed to have a fun vibe amongst the staff. Dr. Bandekar took the time to explain future treatments needed which I really appreciated. Thanks!
Jacy Goslin
20:02 11 May 22
Everyone I dealt with was friend from the front desk staff to the hygienist to the dentist. And very affordable as well!
Casey Lu
22:48 05 May 22
Panorama dental, and especially Dr. Riya Bandekar, made my experience here so wonderful. Growing up I only went to one dentist, and subsequently had a bad experience the first time I went to another practice. I was a bit hesitant about what to expect my first time here, but everyone made it easy to feel at home and part of their community. Top notch treatment and really wonderful people. Will definitely be back!
Lena Hill
19:08 03 May 22
Great place and great people. Called for an emergency visit and was able to be seen in just a few hours. Also, understood we couldn't find our dental insurance information and let us put a very good pre-payment down for visit.
Chuck Dryke
18:55 25 Apr 22
Lorrie Dinner
00:28 22 Apr 22
Margie Wynn
17:38 13 Apr 22
Friendly expert dental care at a fair price.
Jocie Reyous
17:18 30 Mar 22
I love the people that work in Panorama Dental. They all very nice and very professional. Dr. Bandekar did my wisdom tooth.. OMG I don’t feel a thing!! She’s so awesome and very kind. Highly recommended. I wish I can give ten stars!Lol. What are you waiting for? Set an appointment and see for yourself!!!❤️❤️❤️
Myers Family
20:33 24 Mar 22
Excellent dentist!! Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended
monica bennett
17:39 28 Feb 22
Such friendly and amazing staff. I've enjoyed a pain-free experience for over 20 years!
Val Moser
19:31 21 Feb 22
Annette Dotterer
19:35 17 Feb 22
I have been very pleased with my dental care at Panorama Dental. Their staff is great and they do quality work. Being a Dental Assistant in the past makes me need to know that my oral health is in trustworthy hands. Thank you!
David Bain
17:36 14 Feb 22
Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They definitely keep it nice and comfortable which is what you want when visiting the dentist.
Robert Griffin
18:17 09 Feb 22
Nicholas La
15:50 04 Feb 22
Treniece has been so friendly and knowledgeable about any dental questions I’ve had. The staff is all very welcoming and the office space is clean and nice.
Larry Pinion
01:32 21 Jan 22
Richard Green
18:10 19 Jan 22
With changing dental insurance and finding a dentist that accepts our insurance, my wife and I decided to try Panorama Dental. First impression of exam, x-ray's and consultation for me was one of being impressive. Knowledgeable, caring and very willing to help along the process with insurance. I believe they will provide quality service and maintenance for me and my wife.
john cozad
17:15 15 Jan 22
William Johnson
17:11 22 Dec 21
Marion Purvis
02:11 17 Dec 21
Niño Lane
23:54 16 Dec 21
Danielle Powers
19:16 14 Dec 21
Always so friendly and professional. Trenise is the best!
sara m
16:28 09 Dec 21
love the staff here, very friendly, reassuring and thorough!
Anna Maria
18:37 08 Dec 21
They are very professional and timely. Keep you fully informed throughout the entire process.
Cindy Kunkel
22:31 01 Dec 21
keith scoggins
22:13 01 Dec 21
Elida Serrano
16:15 22 Nov 21
Fred Bohanna
22:18 15 Nov 21
I'm always happy with the people who work here and the care they take in taking care of my teeth.Fred
Satish Shrestha
19:52 10 Nov 21
Donald Bush
23:50 09 Nov 21
Rodney Ramirez
20:05 04 Nov 21
Meream Biscante
16:07 19 Oct 21
Best dental office I’ve ever been to! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They are very quick and highly skilled. Glad to have found this office.
Corrine Schreiber
20:15 30 Sep 21
Noelie Harkins
17:26 28 Sep 21
They were able to see me on short notice due to a dental emergency. They make going to the dentist as wonderful as it can possibly be!
15:52 10 Sep 21
Marilyn Sexton
16:11 04 Sep 21
Nice people. Always seem to clean my teeth throughly and let me know how I am doing to care for my teeth.
Leslie Smirh
00:09 31 Aug 21
Everyone was great and I am referring your dentist office at work
Polly Davis
21:31 30 Aug 21
Great staff! Very caring and professional. Convenient location with lots of parking. I would highly recommend Panorama Dental!
Soulja Abe
21:01 30 Aug 21
Pretty cool I guess
Mark Moore
20:58 30 Aug 21
The staff is always friendly and efficient. They are our families dentist and have been since the kids were 5years old so that would be 16years.Today i had a tooth extracted and i wod have to say it was the least painful procedure i have ecer had . The doc and assistant were awesome no wonder they have been my dentist forr so many many years
Patricia Swanson
20:49 30 Aug 21
Routine dental care is so important to any person. This office treats their patients so professionally. They are kind and friendly. I highly recommend them.
Blake Schroeder
03:10 10 Jun 21
Everyone is so friendly there! Makes going to the dentist easy and pleasurable!
Jan Mock
20:02 08 Jun 21
Very friendly, and not nearly as painful as what I have experienced in the past
Linda Matarrese
19:43 08 Jun 21
Kind and accommodating service from start to finish.
Pam Gehring
19:24 08 Jun 21
00:28 21 Apr 21
Sandra Fields
19:54 15 Apr 21
Everything went well as usual. I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of the front office especially Lillie. I always leave satisfied with my cleaning and work done. I just love my hygienist Linda, who’s always with a cheerful, and uplifting spirit. Keep doing what you do!Thanks again,Sandra Fields
Joel R. Klein
20:35 14 Apr 21
Mikayla Boss
12:11 13 Apr 21
Michelle Lorraine
20:47 12 Apr 21
Sandra Guerrero
17:37 12 Apr 21
17:54 01 Apr 21
My appointment is always on time. My questions are answered so I can even understand. All the staff have my best interest in mind.
Terrill Cameron Jr.
22:06 29 Mar 21
Kathy Gunsalus
21:37 29 Mar 21
Followed excellent Covid 19 protocols!Always a pleasure to come to this Panorama Dental.
jeff silletto
18:07 24 Mar 21
Kriisty Magallanes
00:42 24 Mar 21
10/10. The ambience is amazing, great music, and the staff is very friendly! This office makes you feel at ease! I came here for emergency wisdom teeth removal, they were able to do it the very next day. Healing was smooth and easy. I’m back for a root canal on my front teeth, I was experiencing a lot of pain and tooth sensitivity from an impact. I love how this office is an all in one. You can come here for your routinely check ups and cleanings as well as for surgical procedures such as root canals and teeth removal. Highly recommend, won’t be going back to my previous dental office.
Essence Stanford
00:30 23 Mar 21
Wil Norman
21:33 18 Mar 21
10/10 staff was really nice all the way around. Thanks for the great care!
Samuel Frey
00:09 17 Mar 21
Bassil Hamid
17:00 12 Mar 21
Dr. Ahmed did an amazing job on my root canal. Was a great experience with no pain whatsoever. Pleasantly surprised.
Jamie Parro
17:01 10 Mar 21
Steve Clark
00:59 10 Mar 21
Panorama Dental is my first choice in dental care. They put you at ease the minute you walk in and this carries over through your entire procedure.The service is excellent, the staff is professional, and the prices are fair!
Nolan Septer
20:43 09 Mar 21
Jessica Kishimoto
19:42 09 Mar 21
Steel Fist99
17:43 09 Mar 21
Friendly and helpful staff. Thanks Linda and Dr. Serrano for maintaining my teeth & smile!
The hygienist, Trinese, not sure of the correct spelling of her name, was great. Professional, understanding, and friendly. She makes you feel comfortable and stress free, as did the Dentist! The office staff also was understanding, accommodating and friendly.
Martin Groth
16:54 09 Mar 21
Andrew B
22:29 05 Mar 21
Mary Mitchell
16:33 04 Mar 21
00:01 26 Feb 21
Debi Theriault
23:25 25 Feb 21
Barry Wohlgemuth
15:15 25 Feb 21
Sean Rojas
17:16 24 Feb 21
They are always great when I come in for my appointment. The staff is friendly and always explain what they are going to do before they perform anything in my mouth 😁. I would recommend them to anyone seeking dental work.
Jennifer Perez
01:00 20 Feb 21
Love this office! Hygienist is AMAZING, most sweetest person ever! Front office staff always helpful and ORGANIZED. The small details is what gets you in and out of the office quick and with ease. Highly recommend
Timothy Smith
21:12 19 Feb 21
Rachael Piazza
16:41 19 Feb 21
Ee Oso
00:32 12 Feb 21
augustine ndongo
18:42 11 Feb 21
There have a nice and professional person
April Santistevan
23:45 10 Feb 21
Jeannie Larson
22:09 10 Feb 21
Just had 1st visit at Panorama Dental. The service provided by all employees was exemplary. Despite the fact that nobody really enjoys going to the dentist, I must say that I look forward to going back. I highly recommend Panorama Dental.
Cesar Gallegos
17:39 09 Feb 21
Nick Hamilton
16:39 03 Feb 21
Quick, clean, and great service as always.
John Reichmeier
17:49 02 Feb 21
Anne Nolan
23:28 29 Jan 21
I had an excellent experience at Panorama Dental. My doctor explained everything before the procedure and what to expect after the procedure. The staff is friendly and caring. They took care of the insurance paperwork. I recommend Panorama Dental for your dental treatments.
Dora Kintzle
00:54 29 Jan 21
I love the entire staff!! They are always friendly and professional. My hygienist, Trenese, is courteous and friendly and does a great job! Dr. Serrano is caring and informative. I’ve been going to this dental office for over 30 years! I highly recommend Panorama Dental!
23:02 28 Jan 21
The staff are delightful, they care about your well being(as well as your pockets) and you feel like you are right at home.
Vivian Baird
19:23 26 Jan 21
Degi 1717
03:55 23 Jan 21
It is a very great place I am happy with my experience with them thank you for being kind!
Sue Nye
18:01 22 Jan 21
x x
22:08 21 Jan 21
I was visiting from out of state and needed a place to go. Every person I encountered here, from the front desk on through to the doctor and everyone in between, was not just courteous, but warm and welcoming. They were also thorough. It's hard to choose a dentist. You don't know if they are honest and there may be some fear involved. I definitely recommend this dentist office.
Nick Aldape
00:16 21 Jan 21
Mrs. Horsford
03:28 19 Jan 21
Monica Miraflor
17:33 18 Jan 21
Kristin Richau
16:37 18 Jan 21
Sherree Davis
18:32 14 Jan 21
Love Love Love everyone there!!!!!
Joanna Smith
20:19 13 Jan 21
Have been going to Panorama Dental for 3 decades! They are the best. My new hygienist, Trenny, is so thorough. capable and exceptionally friendly. Dr. V too, is excellent and did great work on a crown. I highly recommend Panorama 5 Stars for certain!
Leslie Schwartz
01:36 08 Jan 21
Panorama Dental is consistently exceptional professionally. The team informs me before the appointment what I can expect and of any associated costs. The staff takes an interest in me personally and is always thorough, kind and helpful.
Sandy Chavez
22:03 05 Jan 21
Joe Schmo
18:01 31 Dec 20
Friendly, professional, and pleasant place!
Miriam Henning
17:48 31 Dec 20
The staff is very helpful and kind. The doctor was excellent and was very knowledgeable.
Beverley Sapp
20:05 30 Dec 20
Haudes Haase
22:50 29 Dec 20
greico herrada
00:50 19 Dec 20
Estoy Sumamente Contento y Agradecido por Haber encontrado a Este Grupo de Profecionales Gracias por su Exelente Trabajo si Quieren un Exelente Cuidado Dental se Los Recomiendo 👏👏👏
16:21 17 Dec 20
Quick and efficient and an awesome staff!
Tina Bialkowski
17:17 16 Dec 20
Joi Green
17:32 15 Dec 20
My experience is always great. I have been a patient here for many years and despite the changes, they are always efficient and I get what I need. Lily is awesome and I love my hygenist, Linda. Also got to meet Dr. Serrano and really like her too. Always a good experience.
Jordan Klein
17:51 08 Dec 20
Tara Wilson
17:20 25 Nov 20
Always so kind and nice and give so many options!
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