Now Offering a $1 Exam Special on Mondays and Wednesdays

October 17, 2017

Has it been a while since you’ve gone to the dentist? Are you suffering from tooth pain that doesn’t seem to be going away? This is the time to take advantage of our $1 dental exam!

$1 Dental Exam Coupon

Schedule your appointment with us on a Monday or Wednesday and we will examine your teeth for only $1. This special does not require any type of insurance; it is an out of pocket cost of $1, regardless of your insurance.

Can I really leave the office after only paying $1?

Yes!  Chances are you are getting an exam because of tooth discomfort and there will be dental services offered to complement the exam; however, there is no obligation to spend anything more than the $1 for the exam. View all available offers.

What if I want a cleaning and/or X-rays?

We also offer great specials for an exam and X-ray at $19 and with a cleaning for $59.

Ready to take advantage of this deal? Give us a call at 303-755-8388 or request an appointment online. Remember, this only applies to Monday and Wednesday appointments.

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